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Public Works Department

Public Works Department:

We at the TDLPWD strive to provide an elevated level of service to the community, and hold our performances to a standard that exceeds the expectations of the people. We will continually encourage forward progress by not only maintaining the many aspects of TDL but also making needed improvements. It is our prerogative to provide a quality of life that the community’s residents, property owners, visitors, and employees can be proud of.

Terre Du Lac Association’s Director of Public Works, Cody Gillette.

Cody Gillette
Director of Public Works, Permit

Coordinator, Code Official
Beginning employment date 4/25/12
"I am extremely honored to hold this title and have nothing but the community’s best interest at heart.  I began my service with the Public Works Department in 2012 and was proudly promoted to the position of Director in 2014. Along with managing the Public Works Department, I have been charged with the positions of Permit Coordinator and Code Official as well.  I have many aspirations for the TDL community, which I fully intend to bring to fruition."

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James Hinkle
 Field Supervisor (Foreman), Level 5
Maintenance/Construction Laborer
Beginning employment date 5/9/95
Kent Nations
 Crew Leader, Primary Equipment
Operator, Level 5 Maintenance/Construction Laborer
Beginning employment date 9/18/12
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Rob Tidwell
Level 3 Maintenance/Construction Laborer
Beginning employment date 6/9/16
David Thurman
Level 2 Bridging to Level 3

Maintenance/ Construction Laborer
Beginning employment date 8/26/19 
Services and Responsibilities include:
  • Asphalt roadways
    • Remove snow and ice.
    • Mow road edges.
    • Repair potholes.
    • Repair asphalt patch areas.
    • Replace faulty cross culvert pipes.
    • Clear of debris.
    • Install and repair street signs.
    • Maintain visibility.
    • Repair and clear ditch lines.
  • Gravel roadways 
    • Remove snow and ice.
    • Mow road edges.
    • Grade roadways with the JD770C motor grader. 
    • Add extra coarse 1” minus where needed to road surfaces.
    • Replace faulty cross culvert pipes.
    • Clear of debris.
    • Install and repair street signs.
    • Maintain visibility.
    • Repair and clear ditch lines.
  • Lakes, dams, and beaches
    • Dam mowing/clearing (DNR Inspections).
    • Repair lake buoys and replace as needed.
    • Treat invasive aquatic vegetation.
    • Clean and drag the beaches.
    • Test lake water quality.
    • Clean and maintain the beach houses.
    • Perform Fish Stocking.
  • Parks and common grounds
    • Clear leaves throughout the fall.
    • Mow grass throughout the spring, summer, and fall.
    • Weed Control.
    • Remove dead trees, and debris.
    • Remove trash.
    • Repair/replace flags on flag poles.
  •  Vehicle and equipment maintenance
    • Routine maintenance.
    • Unexpected repairs.
    • Perform daily, weekly, and monthly service.
  • TDL Structures and Buildings
    • Clean.
    • Repair and make improvements when necessary.
    • Stock cleaning and toilet supplies.
    • Routine maintenance.
    • Pest control. 
    • Repair/replace flags on flag poles.

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